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Quick tip guide for downloading the Launchpad (ClassLink) App for iPad/iPhone. MyPaymentsPlus is a state-of-the-art online service that provides the convenience and information you need to manage your student's meal account. To set up an account, log on to aihlstromsa.ga or download the free MyPaymentsPlus mobile app. You can obtain Student ID'S # by calling MyPaymentsPlus provides 24/7 information. MyPaymentsPlus.

Food Services / MyPaymentsPlus (Mealpay)

Simplicity and security are at the core of the MyPaymentsPlus app. MyPaymentsPlus provides an easy-to-use, efficient way to make payments quickly and securely anytime using a simple Internet connection.

You can say goodbye to the hassles of sending in multiple checks to multiple locations for multiple students. It can all be done with one payment on MyPaymentsPlus.

MyPaymentsPlus also allows the ability to receive free low balance emails and in most cases view the purchases made in the cafeteria online. Horizon Software International, LLC is a global leader in software, services and technologies for food service operations. With more than 15, installations worldwide, Horizon has a solution for any food service entity including healthcare, colleges, retirement communities and K—12 schools.

Horizon Software launched the first generation of MyPaymentsPlus in as an online meal-payment solution. While its branded name has changed and functionality evolved over the years, its purpose has remained the same: To remove administrative hassles that help school districts maximize participation in their programs and activities.

Also post back-to-school contributions, parking permits, locker fees, mypaymentsplus iphone app, PTA signups, and more. MyPaymentsPlus follows the guidelines set forth by the College Board, making it easy to submit all required information. This module can also be used for online schools. Allow parents to mypaymentsplus iphone app meal account balances, make payments, create low-balance reminders, and set up automatic payments.

Parents can also view what their children purchased in the cafeteria. The app also allows parents to see what food their children choose in the cafeteria, mypaymentsplus iphone app. Horizon is also developing the MyPaymentsPlus app for Android phones and tablets. How has this function been handled by schools prior to the rollout of MPP?

Schools that do not have an automated system like MyPaymentsPlus in place typically accept meal payments via cash or check in the cafeteria. Those payments must then be totaled, balanced, and submitted to the bank for processing which requires extensive time, drains resources, slows cash flow, and slows cafeteria lines. MyPaymentsPlus alleviates administrative burdens and does the work for the school system. The addition of new technology, like the MyPaymentsPlus app, mypaymentsplus iphone app another tool districts can use to increase participation in their meal programs.

Do you have any projections in terms of spike in sales at schools using MPP? While every school district is unique, most districts using the MyPaymentsPlus platform have increased participation in their school-meal programs — meaning more revenue for the district.

Based on that projection, mypaymentsplus iphone app, what is a reasonable time for payback on the system? The payback certainly depends on the usage of the system and marketing efforts, but generally payback is within the first month of usage. How can mypaymentsplus iphone app school use the system to market its menus to parents? Many districts choose to feature their menus in this area.

If the parent pays at home with their iphone how does that funnel down to the student and lunchroom personnel? Prepaid funds are instantly transferred to the district point of sale where they remain until the student needs to access the funds.

What sort of training and support are available for a local school district? All school districts undergo extensive training to mypaymentsplus iphone app back-end functions to their fullest potential. Continuous technical support is available to districts through our in-house call center, mypaymentsplus iphone app, as well as dedicated resources that help districts market the MyPaymentsPlus solution to parents.

Any schools and districts in the New York area? Total Food Service.


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mypaymentsplus iphone app


Quick tip guide for downloading the Launchpad (ClassLink) App for iPad/iPhone. MyPaymentsPlus iPhone/iPad App MyPaymentsPlus offers a free iOS app that allows parents to access their account to view balances, monitor daily purchases and make payments. > . Have you downloaded the free MyPaymentsPlus iPhone and iPad app? Check cafeteria purchase history, view balances and make payments from the palm of your hand! aihlstromsa.ga MyPaymentsPlus. Get MyPaymentsPlus on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.